Discover Polignano a mare

Our scattered hotel is located in the beautiful historical centre, the town's heart.
Between the alleys and the houses lit by the sun, the smell of the sea finds its way till the terraces diving in the blue.Vittorio Emanuele square, with Santa Maria Assunta Church and San Benedetto square in memory of the old Benedictine monastery takes you to the sea.
Between the little streets and the houses you can still breathe the air of the small town and even if now is it a popular tourist destination, we can find small charming corners away from the summer chaos, which are more magical under the sun in August.
The old town is the most cool meeting point for visitors and tourists, and frame of many cultural events. Walking around the alleys among the white houses, you can reach the logge, charming balconies rising up on the sea cliff.

The town shore develops along 16 km and is disclosed in numerous and suggestive natural calette (“beach” with little stones). Seen by the sea, the huge cliff fascinates above all for the big number of caves and caverns, which extend until the inhabited area, which looks like rising up directly from the rocks. 

Polignano enumerates among its illustrious sons two authentic talents: Domenico Modugno, one of the most greater exponents of the Italian song (Volare is one of the most popular songs in the world), and Pino Pascali, artist, sculptor and scene-designer of national and international importance, to whom Polignano has dedicated a Museum of Contemporary art.